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Updated: 30/04/06

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Transciptions of Gene Pitney's radio and TV interviews from around the globe!

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Reviews on Gene's concerts and career from across the globe and spanning the years!

List of all Gene's recorded songs!

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12 months with Gene!

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A true talent and gentleman who not only cared about every performance he gave - whether on record or stage - but also gave his fans the light of day. To go out after a standing ovation is befitting, no matter how devastating to those of us left behind. Thousands of memories for everyon, and here are just a handful of those captured in photographs.

In memory and tribute of the legend that was Gene Francis Alan Pitney, this page is dedicated to the fans that were blessed with his talent, and will remain for as long as humanly possble - with updates whenever I get chance.

For now, a bunch of phots from his most recent shows at The Orchard Theatre (March 17th) and - in a couple days - Birmingham Symphony Hall (April 2nd) have been added.

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